Mon August 15, 2011

Stones Throw records just released a new video about the second direct-to-disc recording we did with Gary Wilson and the Stepkids as we prepare for session #3 with Dam Funk and Steve Arrington.

Wed July 27, 2011

Vinyl LPs also continue to show a strong resurgence, even though the total portion of music sales is small -- 1.9 million out of 221.5 million total albums sold to date this year -- but the percentage jumped 41% over 2010.

Read the full article @latimes.

Tue July 26, 2011

The Stepkids Direct to Disc LP. The record was recorded live, directly to vinyl at Stones Throw's Direct to Disc #2 event back in May at Capsule Labs. These are limited edition records which will not be released on digital or CD formats and can be purchased at

The video was shot at the event. "Sweet Salvation" is a new, unreleased song which will not be on their upcoming album. Director: Alex Pelly; editors: Adi Putra and Brian Lam; cameramen: Ariana Natale, Jon Casey, Kevin Klauber.

Wed July 6, 2011

Stones Throw Records Direct to Disk Event with Mayer Hawthorne from Naturally Spirited on Vimeo.

Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf, and Capsule Labs founders Gil Tamazyan and Sebastien Chevrel talk about the Direct-To-Disc Series they have been collaborating on for the label's 15th anniversary.

Wed June 15, 2011

Pacifico came to Los Angeles on their Adventures on Tap tour to throw a keg party at the pressing plant while we were pressing a promotional record for them. An artist decorated the Los Angeles keg all afternoon in our backyard along the LA river, and in the evening we spinned some records, busted some piñatas, and hung around the fire with a steady supply of cold beer.

Thanks to everyone at Creature, Pacifico, and the road crew, we had a great time meeting you all.

Thu June 2, 2011

The records from Stones Throw Direct-To-Disc Session #1 with Mayer Hawthorne and Rick are now on sale at the Stones Throw website.

We pressed a limited run of 500 white labels packaged in printed sleeve inside reversed out white jackets (uncoated on the outside) and hand stamped and stickered. These records look as underground and special as they are, and we hear they're selling fast.

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So/Gangsta Luv (Live at Direct to Disc #1) by stonesthrow

Rick - Chapstick (Live at Direct to Disc #1 Edit) by stonesthrow

Wed June 1, 2011

We had the pleasure of recording Gary Wilson and the StepKids for Stones Throw Records Direct-To-Disc Session #2 on May 28th 2011. Earlier that day, records from Mayer Hawthorne and Rick recorded a month earlier at the first session were being pressed and packaged to go on sale that night.

Special thanks for everyone at Stones Throw Records, and all the amazing talented people it takes to pull an event like this together.


Direct to Disc #2 @stonesthrow

the stepkids - direct to vinyl @ramgoatbull

The Stepkids (D2D live encore) @youtube

Tue May 31, 2011

We've been trying out this bad boy for the last week or so and the word in the mastering room is that it's not leaving anytime soon. We're able to push some insane levels, and well, we're in love with the looks of this beast, it fits right in and screams Capsule Labs.

Wed April 20, 2011

We visited Record Technology today, the best plating facility in the USA where the master lacquers cut at Capsule Labs are sent to be electroplated into nickel stampers we use as moulds to press records. Dorin who heads the plating department at RTI has processed most the major albums pressed in the US in the last 20 years and runs a tight ship over there.

After numerous steps of cleaning and preprocessing, our lacquers are spun into these electroplating tanks for a number of hours with various levels of DC current until the desired thickness of metal has accumulated.

In the 2 step process, the lacquer is turned into a stamper (negative) which is then plated a second time into a copper mother (positive). The mother can be used to produce a number of identical stampers that can be used on a press for about 1000 pressings before they wear out.

Sat April 16, 2011

The first event in a series we're collaborating on with Stones Throw Records was a success on April 14th 2011. Rick and Mayer Hawthorne and the County performed live to a packed warehouse while we recorded, mixed, mastered and cut the performances using nothing but vintage analog equipment, straight to lacquers, for an upcoming vinyl-only release.

We were able to let a good amount of the guests come through the studio and witness the intricacies of this process while it was happening, and overall the response was great and the performances amazing. We're excited and can't wait for the next installment of this series.

Special thanks to Peanut Butter Wolf and everyone at Stones Throw Records for running with this idea and making it happen. Shout outs to Peter at Threshold Sound + Vision for the mastering rig, Len at the History of Recorded Sound for invaluable last minute consulting, Richard Light Wave Tech for fixing our console in no time, Dimka for building a staircase in one night after a 12h work day, Adam for setting up and running the house sound and everyone else who has been supporting us since day one.

Gil Tamazyan, co-founder and mastering/cutting engineer and Sébastien Chevrel, co-founder and manager for masterminding the operation, Dave DeCristo, mix engineer, for dialing the hangar acoustics and manning the console, Andrew the machine Martinez and Ursula Arevalo for always doing whatever it takes with a smile.


Stones Throw 15 Year Anniversary Party with Peanut Butter Wolf, Rick, and Mayer Hawthorne @laweekly

Mayer Hawthorne and Rick at Stones Throw Records 15-year Anniversary Party @indierockreviews

Peanut Butter Wolf talks about Stones Throw's new direct-to-disc live series @latimes


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