Thu March 29, 2012

We're proud to announce our second release on Capsule Labs Music, grab your copy on vinyl..

Fri February 10, 2012

We completed a run of 1000 records in less than two weeks for Greenlight Management and the Re:Generation Music Project. The vinyl was included with the invitation to see the film's premiere during the Grammy awards.

Fri January 20, 2012

Gil Tamazyan's Dirty Driving EP is our first release on Capsule Labs Music

Grab your 180g limited edition vinyl from our friends at Downtown 304, we'll be releasing more EPs from the full album in the near future.

Digital version of the full album are on Amazon or iTunes.

Wed January 18, 2012

Earl Cole and Kirk Whalum pose in front of our lathe while we're mastering Kirk's new album.

Fri January 13, 2012

We took advantage of a little break during the holidays to make some good progress on the build of our Fairchild clone. The new chassis has been milled to perfection by J.C. Engraving and we've started doing the final wiring.

Mon November 21, 2011

We've come across quite a few articles about the resurgence of vinyl in the last week.

Black Friday Releases @recordstoreday

20 record stores weigh in on vinyl's return @pastemagazine

In an iTunes age, do we need the record store? @salon

Vinyl records are back @sunsentinel

Vinyl's back in the groove

Wed November 2, 2011

The third Direct-To-Disc session we produced for Stones Throw's 15th anniversary with Dam Funk and Master Blazter is now on sale at the Stones Throw website.

Mon August 15, 2011

Stones Throw records just released a new video about the second direct-to-disc recording we did with Gary Wilson and the Stepkids as we prepare for session #3 with Dam Funk and Steve Arrington.

Wed July 27, 2011

Vinyl LPs also continue to show a strong resurgence, even though the total portion of music sales is small -- 1.9 million out of 221.5 million total albums sold to date this year -- but the percentage jumped 41% over 2010.

Read the full article @latimes.


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