Mon May 4, 2015
HYPOXIA - Constant Preperation For Loss

Happy to announce that i am releasing an EP today under the project name Hypoxia on BL_K NOISE! Hypoxia is a new project i created to pay homage to the science fiction, late night cult film soundtracks that inspired me so much growing up. The sounds of artists like John Carpenter - The Master of Horror , Wendy Carlos, Goblin , and Vangelis played a big role to a kid who spent most of the 80's watching movies on VHS over and over again. I wanted this release to step away from the dance floor and into a broader space of contemplative drama. The Hypoxia tracks were single takes I performed live on my Buchla Music Easel, (a portable semi modular synthesizer that was originally created in the early 1970ís). The signal was then fed through Eventide Space Reverb and recorded to an old Akai reel-to-reel tape with no post-production or overdubs.I really wanted this project to be crafted 100% in Los Angeles, California, including me having a personal hand in every step. For me it was the first time in over a decade to take this task on my own. From writing and performing, final mastering and plating, pressing the records, creating the artwork and designing the packaging, and finally silk-screening the jackets. I purposely cut out any distributors and wanted to sell on Bandcamp, individually shipping these records to supporters directly.Limited to 200 pressings, Hypoxia comes in an assortment of five colors, each carefully crafted by hand-mixing the vinyl materials at Capsule Labs Record pressing plant in L.A. The clear plastic case was individually hand silk-screened at Gliese Media studios with the Drumcell sigil in red ink. All shipments include a 12x12 lithograph of artwork I created on a circuit-bent video processor made by TACHYONS+ Video Dimensions+. I will be taking orders for the vinyl today, available exclusively on Bandcamp. I will be shipping these records out to everyone myself so please bare with me ;) I will try to fulfill requests on which color of the vinyl you want but there is no guarantee due to limited quantities. to give a big thanks to everyone who really helped out making this project come to life! Gil Tamazyan, Dietrich Schoenemann, Surachai Sutthisasanakul, Audrey Rey Espinosa, Logan Owlbeemoth, & Derek Michael

Posted by Moe Espinosa on Monday, May 4, 2015


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