Recorded music started with live performances engraved directly onto tin cylinders. Today, in the age of digital production, Capsule Labs is proudly bringing back the roots of recording history with our Direct-To-Disc sessions.

Inside our studio and vinyl pressing plant, in the heart of Los Angeles, a live performance is recorded straight to vinyl masters. The recording is mixed, mastered and cut to lacquers in real-time using nothing but vintage analog electronics. No computers or tapes are used, no overdubs or corrections possible. It's the purest and cleanest form of analog recording, prized by audiophiles, and a bold and powerful statement from the artists.

It's also the opportunity to combine the production of an album with an intimate event, and create a video documenting the unique process.

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We'll be recording a series of live direct-to-disc shows at our Los Angeles facility with various artists from Stones Throw Records through 2011 to celebrate their 15 year anniversary.


Aug. 19th 2011: Dam Funk

May 28th 2011: Gary Wilson, The Stepkids

April 14th 2011: Rick, Mayer Hawthorne

Oct 26th 2010: Jacob Fred Jazz Oddysey


The artists perform in our unique facility...

the audio is mixed on our vintage analog board...

mastered through our world-class chain...

and cut directly to vinyl masters, live.

The records are later pressed under the same roof.